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Top 11 Amazing Work From Home Desk Ideas – Things To Keep In Mind While You Set Up Your Home Office Desk

2020 is the time where people have taken efforts to make their passion a way to life. Therefore these amazing top 11 work from home office desk ideas will help them set up their first step towards their success.

2020 has come to us like a tight slap, and it has overshadowed all our year plans. However, 2020 has made us see the world in a new way. 

Where people think to change their jobs, instead they are now planning to change their whole career, just because they have started seeing their inner skills more distinctly.

1. Start On Your Dining Table

Start On Your Dining Table
Photo by Wouter Beijert on Unsplash

Sometimes you don’t need investment in a home office desk/study table when you start something you like, however you can set up your dining table as your current workstation.

2. Let The Greenery In

Let The Greenery In
Photo by vadim kaipov on Unsplash

Starting your firm is like the biggest gamble you can ever play. You have no idea, what next surprises are there in the store for you, for such a mindset green plants play a big role.

Plants have the power to calm a mind and creates the ability in the surroundings to think positively. It makes the interiors more alive and lets you focus on your work.

3. Add White Colour On Your Study Table

Add White Colour On Your Study Table
Photo by SCREEN POST on Unsplash

White color is a neutral color, goes with most of the wall color themes. Secondly, the white color is a great form of peace and serenity.

The white home office desk will add a great visual value to the interior space.

4. Get your postures right.

Get your postures right
Source – Google | Image by – Get Happy

Work from home is not a 9-5 duty, if you are determined to do something it can take hours of you sitting in front of your laptop screens. However, it will require you to follow body postures while working.

The basic posture of a body should be 90 degrees at all times. The computer screen on the eye level with a little angle deviation of 20 degrees and padding beneath the wrist while handling the mouse.

5. Writable Surfaces

Writable Surfaces
Source – Google | Image by – Smarter Surfaces

Sometimes people get ideas anytime and every time. Why can’t we have a writable surface as a home office desk tabletop? A back-painted glass or a regular glass on the top can also be done to make sure you are not skipping any ideas.

If you want me to write this point in detail, you can write to me at

6. Motivating Paintings

Motivating Paintings
Photo by Elsa Noblet on Unsplash
Motivating Paintings
Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

Paintings with beautiful artwork or impulsive quotes are always a great source of motivation. Paintings also act as a great decor element in the room.

The choices depend on you, but my personal preference would be a motivating quote that genuinely drives you towards your goal.

Paintings have the ability to create a suitable mood in your room. Though this aspect is very underrated and is easily ignored by people.

7. Decor Elements

Decor Elements
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash
Decor Elements
Photo by Slava Keyzman on Unsplash

Elements that describe you, can be used as decor. For example, if you are someone who likes old school ideas, vintage cameras are the best way to represent one’s self.

Similarly, awards are meant to be displayed, it can be used as a decor element on the overhead shelf. Likewise, you can display artifacts, a globe or a flower vase, etc.

All this is done to create a positive environment to make you more confident while working at the home office desk/study table.

8. Front Notice Board

Front Notice Board
Front Notice Board
Photo by Slava Keyzman on Unsplash

Considering work from home, a notice board can be of two types, either you can go ahead with the traditional form of having the soft board with the frames or whiteboards or if you’re creatively strong, you can think over some fertile approach like the back-painted glass, etc..

You can have jali designs, or you could try some wooden strips as well or wooden batten designs for sticky notes.

9. Task Lighting At Its Best

Task Lighting At Its Best

Lights play a major role as well, different types of lights determine the spirit of your work. In my recommendation, you can have different lighting systems for different tasks.

Task/track light is the light-concentrating only on the study table. Lamps can become like one of the best decor elements of the study table. LED strip lights can help you set your mood while working on the home office desk.

10. Overhead Storage

Overhead Storage
Source – Pinterest | Image by – Home And Garden

Considering work from home, you can go wild with the overhead storages, it can be used as one of the main focus of the rooms. It can have niches, it can also have glass shutters, etc.

11. Home Office Desk Ergonomics

Home Office Desk Ergonomics
Source : Google | Image by Chatelaine

Basic ergonomics of the home office table desk consider:-

  1. The height of the desk should be 75cms from the floor.
  2. The height of the underneath drawer should be at least 10cms.
  3. The depth of the table should be 60-65cms.
  4. The length of the home office desk or study table should be a minimum of 90cms.
  5. The height between the tabletop and overhead storage bottom should be a minimum of 60cms.
  6. The height of the overhead storage from its bottom is up to you.
  7. The depth of the overhead storage should be a maximum of 35cms.
  8. The length of the overhead storage could be as per you.

12. BONUS TIP: Free Online Tools That Can Be Useful For Your Startup.

  1. Webex Calls – Lets you allow video calls, screen shares, edit on the screens and webinars
  2. Miro – Lets you create targets, assignments, ideas, and helps you in research and development.
  3. Trello – Lets you discuss files, make tasks, and help team collaborate.
  4. We transfer – Lets you share huge files in a link format. The free version can send up to 2GB
  5. Whatsapp Web – You can use your WhatsApp through your laptop / PC.
  6. Bounceapp – Lets you capture full-length screenshots of webpages.
  7. Typewrite – Work on the same document with multiple people.

Conclusion :

Work From Home
Photo by Grovemade on Unsplash

These concepts will help you create great work from home desk designs, and help you get a positive good looking home office table, where you can work with full attention.

Office desks are always underrated in terms of planning and designs, the best way to have a design approach is through start thinking of its functionality and usability factors.

Tell me, what are the points you find very effective in this article?

If you have any queries or you feel like asking me for some advice, you can contact me. I would be very happy to help you with my FREE consultation.


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