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Top 41 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas Of 2020 – Are You With The Trend?

Kitchens are always termed as the heart of the house, likewise, it is the most important aspect of home decor, whether you admire simple walls or desire jazzy wall paints, these top 41 modern kitchen design ideas of 2020 will upskill you.

However, kitchens were always stereotyped as black granite tops, shutters with laminates, shelf for the microwave, fridge where possible, and overhead cupboards with decent shutters.

Modern kitchen designs are much more and they talk about soft closing trolley cabinets, different types of materials on the surfaces (some being very cheaper than the laminates), different platform tops, being functional, and clean with a lot of storages.

These top 41 modern kitchen design ideas of 2020 will upskill you and will keep you up with the trend and help you stay positive and more lively.

1. Get The Sunlights In

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Are you providing enough sunlight inside your kitchen? In other words, a kitchen can light up in many artificial ways but sunlight has proved to be the best way.

Sunlights will help the kitchen glow, thus reflecting the true sense of design, in terms of clean lines and perfect placements.

However, this does help you get some appreciation points whoever observes it.

2. Open Up

Image by midascode from Pixabay

Having a sense of claustrophobia in a kitchen is an indication of inadequate planning, however, it can be managed via few simple methods of opening up.

Avoid filling up all the places in the kitchen, in other words, keep some breathing space. Allow your modular kitchen designs to have open spaces, keep all the kitchen electronics in some distance(100mm) from the wall, for example, fridge placements, etc.

3. Follow The Work Triangle

Source : Google | Photo by The Kitchen Think

That is to say, the work triangle or the kitchen triangle is the systematic rotation of the refrigerator, the sink, and the stove in a triangle for proper access to the kitchen.

This allows you to use all the areas very efficiently without any concerns of less space, however, if used effectively, it can easily make a small looking modular kitchen a beautifully managed kitchen design idea.

4. Types Of Kitchen Layouts

Source : Google | Photo by Weizter

Modern kitchen design ideas happen when the work triangle is followed as per these 6 types of modular kitchen designs or layouts.

  1. One Wall Kitchen / Straight Kitchen
  2. Parallel Kitchen
  3. L – Shaped Kitchen
  4. U – Shaped Kitchen / C – Shaped Kitchen
  5. Peninsula Kitchen / Island Kitchen
  6. G – Shaped Kitchen

5. Keeping It Simple Is Important

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

People do not attract to a modular kitchen design that is filled with colors, However, there has to be some simplicity, it can be through cool colors with subtle surfaces and not so elaborative designs and shapes.

Easy lines, accurate measurements, and perfect workflow will not only helps improve its decor but also helps you in a smooth approach.

6. Pop Your Colors Out

Source : Google |Photo by Plantate Deco
Source : Google |Photo by Style At Home

If you are a person who likes to keep it simple, a simple way to let the modern kitchen design look more beautiful and classy is through having some elements in bright colors accurately for example approximately having 10% of the whole kitchen in bold colors in specific intervals.

In conclusion, this will make the modular kitchen design more attractive and appealing. 

7. You Might Need An Electic Style Kitchen

Source : Google | Photo by Cement Tiles

Many people like different color themes to protrude in their kitchen, in other words, eclectic design is a beautiful blend of simplicity and harmony with extreme contrast and bright colors.

In short, creating a great mix of simplicity with different styles is one of the best modern kitchen design ideas.

8. Go Wild And Have Fun

Source : Google | Photo by – Arch Daily
Source : Google | Photo by – katepearcevintage.

The kitchen should be never treated as a white box, you can surely go wild with the different colors and still make it look appealing to the eyes.

Modern kitchen design ideas allow you to have fun with different color schemes, but you should be very careful. As a result, go ahead with different color schemes only after proper research.

Execute it only if you are confident.

9. Wall Tiles For Kitchen Designs

Photo by Good Soul Shop on Unsplash

Wall tiles can do wonders to the kitchen decor, however, it can also upskill the look very efficiently. Wall tiles keep the water away from seeping, thus making the wall durable.

There are many tile designs available, to choose from, however, the tiles should be chosen complimenting the whole design scheme of the modular kitchen design. The size of the tiles should be medium, not so small and not so big.

10. Contemporary Designs are Trending


Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

Modern kitchen design ideas appreciate contemporary designs. Contemporary designs are simple and elegant designs, however, the choices of materials are very subtle. Touches of the brown laminates are extensively used, subsequently to create a peaceful look for the kitchen

11. Cleanliness Is Your Key

Source : Google, Home Snapshot | Design By Monarc Group

Keeping the kitchen clean is the main aspect of the modular kitchen interiors, however that doesn’t mean you have to keep cleaning all the time.

Materials that do not hold dust is important, such as marble platform tops, granite tops or stainless steel tops, tiles, and much more.

In conclusion, using white surfaces and materials, itself shows the detailing and the cleanliness of the space

12. Use PVC Laminate To Save Your Pocket

Source : Google | Photo By Virgolam

One of the most valuable modern kitchen design ideas is PVC laminates are the most durable laminate in the market and they are heat and water-resistant, however, available in various textures and patterns.

One of the best qualities of PVC laminates is that they are flexible and can bend up to 90 degrees, thus making your shutter edges and trolleys clean.

13. Back painted Glass For Walls Is A Thing

Photo by Jon’Nathon Stebbe on Unsplash

Back painted glass for the walls is a concept that is developed now in late 2015’s, moreover, a back-painted/lacquered glass is a colored glass idea. A glass is backed with lacquer which is a film-forming material, however, it can be made in any color, it makes the glass opaque from one side

It is also durable. Having a back-painted glass can increase the visual value of the modular kitchen design, thus becoming more captivating to the people

14. Play With The Designs

Source : Google | Photo By Home Designing

All the above points are no thumb rules, although the points are all my previous experiences and learnings which have been evolved throughout the years and are trending now in 2020.

However, the main aspect of kitchen designs is to be confident in whatever decisions you take, you can play with several color themes and designs. Certainly, you can take 1 bright color and blend it with 1 cool color.

In short, there are endless playful options.

15. Short Height? No Problem, Get A Pull-Out Step/Stair In Your Kitchen?

Source : Google | Photo By – This Old House

There are many possibilities in the modular kitchen design which now allows us to have a hidden stair/step inside the trolley vertically when pulled out it can become a step up.

However, one of the most required inventions of our times. In conclusion, it has now made the kitchen overhead units accessible to everyone and even made it kid-friendly.

16. Open Kitchen Is Possible

Source : Google | Photo By kanseicocinas

Many people desire an open kitchen but cannot execute it because of the space constraints and the passing out of the cooking smell within the house.

However, we can consider a glass partition for the kitchen, which can justify your open kitchen needs. Having a glass partition gives you a sense of openness, in other words, it will help the home look large and more appealing.

17. Mixing The Styles Well

Source : Google | Photo By Farm House Living

Out of all the kitchen styles followed in the world, however, modern style is the best-followed style. Modern kitchen design ideas are very sleek and very much to the point, although, it considers no moldings, no wooden cabinetry, no traditional styles.

What if we design a modern kitchen style, with touches of traditional styles and wooden cabinetry with modern finishes, therefore, making a blend of two different styles.

18. Display The Crockery

Photo by Creatv Eight on Unsplash

People tend to still like the old concepts of displaying the crockery units and different types of kitchen tools and accessories, however, we can still execute those in the new modern kitchen design ideas.

In conclusion, creating a great combination of classic modern style.

19. Sitting Between The Kitchen Chores

Source : Google |Photo By Pinterest

Spending hours in the kitchen can be very tedious, though it is not a new thing still the person cooking needs rest. Therefore, creative ledge sitting is something that is gaining popularity in the late 2018s.

Many people are dedicating some space for the seats, this can be replaced by having a breakfast table also with the stools.

20. Listen To The Cook

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

The designer who designs a modular kitchen has to take proper notes from the person who is supposed to cook in the house, however, the majority of times it is the mother or the wife.

There are many personalized inputs you can get from the person who is supposed to cook, for example, preferred places to store the spices or specific placements of kitchen accessories, etc. Therefore, this will help you design the modern kitchen more efficiently.

21. Accent Wall Effect

Source : Google | Photo By Deavita

The most unique point of the modern kitchen design ideas is Accent walls.

Accent walls are walls that are differently designed in comparison to the adjacent 3 walls of the interior space, however, they are designed more efficiently to create a focal point that helps the place look attractive.

Source : Google | Photo By Factory Builder Stores

You can decorate the accent walls with paintings, or mirrors or can take up a graphical film that is moisture resistant and kitchen friendly.

22. Don’t Waste Even A Dead Corner

Source : Google | Photo By homestratosphere
Source : Google | Photo By homestratosphere
Source : Google, Pinterest | Photo By marieclairemaison

Kitchen corners that are not accessible, the ones beneath the kitchen platforms are often left as it is with minimal storages, however, you can make use of those areas with many available modular modern systems and hardwares 

For example : 

  1. The Magic Corner
  2. S-Shaped Corner
  3. V-Shaped Corner
  4. L-Shaped Corner
  5. Rotating Corner
  6. 45 Degree Access

23. Use Hanging Lights Only If You Desire To Have One

Photo by Christian Mackie on Unsplash

Hanging lights are only used as a decorative element in the modern kitchens, however, having only the hanging lights cannot suffice the brightness of the room. Therefore, the only way to lit up the whole kitchen area is through downlighter or recessed lighting.

Hanging lights, task lights, track lights, etc should be used only if you think it will add value to the area, however, it is recommended over the island kitchen or the breakfast table.

24. Let Your Surface Reflect Light

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

When your surfaces reflect light, it adds a great value to the kitchen as it lits up the whole area and makes the area look neat and very soothing to eyes.

Source : Google| Photo By Harrington Kitchen

Hence, giving a polished feel to the kitchen platform or giving lacquered glass for the surfaces will make the modular kitchen design more fascinating and charming.

25. If You Don’t Like Jazzy Designs, White Color Is Your Best Friend.

Source : Google | Photo by : Joha Milton

Giving a total white look to the modern kitchen design has its advantages and disadvantages.

Giving white look makes the area feel open. It encourages simplicity and makes it comforting.

However, disadvantages include, it requires high cleaning maintenance. White is very sensitive to the colors of the spices however, falling of spices will make a spot that will become very difficult to clean. You will also have to be very alert when your hands are dirty.

26. Golden-Black Kitchens Might Be The Future

Source : Google | Photo by : Yazbikideas

This style of the modern kitchen makes the home royal, but golden-black themes can be executed only if the whole house themes match with it.

In conclusion, black-themed kitchens can be a huge thing in the coming years

27. Coconut Flavoured Theme – Mixing Of Two Extreme Ends

Source : Google | Photo by : The Guardian

Usually, the modular kitchen is designed with one color scheme, for example, if the primary scheme is blue then the other designs revolve around the blue color.

What if we mix a blend of extremely hot color i.e. red/orange and extremely cool color i.e. blue/green.

Making use of these types of themes effectively then we can achieve a look that will be very unique and unusual.

28. Use Hovering Shelves

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

Shelves become a great source of the display, it can be used for two different purposes and also for both.

Firstly, open shelves can be used for placing decor elements to upskill the mood of the place and secondly, to add a playful value.

Secondly, it can be a place that has regularly used items, spices, accessories, and equipment.

29. Create Flooring Your Hero

Source : Google | Photo by : Etsy

The other way to design a modern kitchen is to keep the kitchen walls simple and flooring playful, likewise, it is an attention-grabbing style, where the concentration is towards the flooring which is attractive and appealing.

In short, It does make the whole area talk uniquely.

30. You Can Design With Just 3 Colors

Source : Google | Photo by : Ensi Decor

It is not necessary to play with all the colors, a modern kitchen can be beautifully designed with just three colors also. For example :

  1. Light brown, Silver, White
  2. Yellow, Silver, Black
  3. Dark grey, White, Black
  4. Red, White, Grey
  5. Purple, White, Black

31. Increase The Heat Value

Source : Google, Pinterest | Photo by : Domino

The warm effect is one of the best alternatives for any kind of design, however, warmth is achieved by applying brown laminates to the shutters blending with one of the subtle colors like white or grey.

Using of warmth effect has to be in its limits, cannot be overdone. This can be one of the great design options.

32. Turquoise Blue/Green Can Cool Up Your Place

Source : Google, Pinterest | Photo by : Ideal Home

Turquoise blue is one of my favorite colors, This color is in itself so pure and soothing to eyes that I would highly recommend this paint/shutter color in your kitchen.

In short, this color should not be overdone and can be used as an accent wall

33. Go Ahead With Full Height Cabinets

Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

It is better to store kitchen accessories vertically and not horizontally. This means that instead of creating more trolleys beneath the platform, you can go ahead with a full-height cabinet.

It will help you make more free space in the kitchen thus making our point number 2 justify.

34. Let Ceiling Be Silent

Photo by Creatv Eight on Unsplash

Usually, we are intensely into creating creative visual wall elevations of the kitchen that we think to make the ceiling also in similar lines, which should not be our approach.

We have to let the walls talk or the ceiling, however, both cannot be tremendously into heavy designing. We keep the ceilings clean so that people observe the shutters, wall elements, and many other aspects mentioned in the above points.

35. Corian Platforms Are Gaining Popularity

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Corian is a solid surface company. A solid surface is a man-made material, however, It is a low maintenance water-resistant material made up of ATH, epoxy, polyester resins, and pigments.

In addition, it can imitate any material available in the market, be it natural or man-made. The best part of this material is that they are seamless and are available in sheets and can be used anywhere and everywhere and is also cost-effective.

Thus considering all its properties, people are leaning towards these fabulous inventions.

36. Go Creative With Your Cabinets

Photo by Creatv Eight on Unsplash

There are many types of materials which can be used on the cabinets, you also choose a unique material as a standout to the modular kitchen design.

Design materials such as:- 

  1. Laminates
  2. Glossy Laminates
  3. Paint with moldings
  4. Lacquered glass finish
  5. Corian finish
  6. Metallic cabinets
  7. Glass display cabinets
  8. Grooved Cabinets

37. Try Rose Gold Coating With Your Handles

Source : Google, Pinterest | Photo by : Arrow Hill Cottage

Modern kitchen designs do not appreciate handles for the shutters or the trolleys, everything is handle-less, certainly, they work on the push and pull mechanism. 

If your design sense still needs a handle, why can’t you try something unique and coat it with rose gold?

This will elevate your kitchen in the true sense and make it look regal.

38. Matt Surfaces are Trending

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

As per our latest survey, 2020 has given matt surfaces a new approach. People have become inclined towards matt materials for cabinets and platform.

The prime reason being, its low maintenance, nowadays companies have made all the matt materials scratch-proof, thus making it look clean all the time.

39. Hot V/s Cool Theme, Which Is Better?

Source : Google, Pinterest | Photo by : revistacasaejardim
Source : Google, Pinterest | Photo by : decoist

As the name suggests, a hot theme consists of red, orange, yellow, and shades and tints, and however, a cool theme consists of blue, green, purple, white, and shades and tints.

It depends on your mood, a cool them is always soothing, however, a warm theme is always termed as aggressive.

Cool makes the person relaxed whereas red generates the motivation to work, you have to decide.

40. Get Your Basic, Space Knowelege Right

These are the basic modern kitchen space dimensions that are required to follow for a better and easy flow.

Source – Google | Photo by – Happho
Source : Google, Pinterest | Photo by : Essenziale-hd
Source : Google, Pinterest | Photo by : Remote-volot
Source : Google, Pinterest | Photo by : Remote-volot
Source : Google, Pinterest | Photo by : Remote-volot
Source : Google, Pinterest | Photo by : Remote-volot
Source : Google, Pinterest | Photo by : Remote-volot

41. Don’ts Of A Kitchen

Source : Google, Pinterest | Photo by : Remote-volot
  • Never compromise safety for aesthetics.
  • Never compromise plumbing for aesthetics, for example, if a sink is not suitable in a place, still, if you opt for that location just because it is aesthetically pleasing, then you might have been doing one of the biggest mistakes. Plumbing issues are life long and however, it can get you a plumber subscription to maintain the pipe blocks every month.
  • Don’t think your kitchen window is enough for ventilation, therefore, make sure you have proper ventilation in the kitchen like the chimney or the exhaust, or else it may result in the spreading of the smell within the house. Making the house stink, every time when the guests enter.
  • Don’t think the lights are enough, hence, always prefer having a light below the over-counter, this might help you to locate the kitchen facilities in the night/dark.
  • Never design a kitchen thinking of just one cook, there can be multiple cooks cooking at the same time at some particular time, so space should not be compromised. However, it is preferable to provide as much as space possible.


Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

Modern kitchen designs have evolved a lot since the 2010s, and to a great extend, however, these top 35 modern kitchen design ideas of 2020 will help you in setting up your kitchen effectively. When designing your kitchen, you can keep these points handy, it can help you increase your understanding process.

Tell me, what are the points you find very important in this article?

If you have any queries or you feel like asking us for some piece of advice, you can contact us anytime. We would be very happy to help you with our FREE consultation.