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Top 29 Excellent Home Decor Tips And Tricks For Small Homes

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Houses show one’s personality. A house always talks to us in a million ways, it talks about how a person has maintained it throughout the years.

If followed simple home decor tips and tricks you can stand strongly out of the box amongst the odds and that has nothing to do with spending thousands of dollars on products, simple techniques followed an uptrend you.

We work day and night just to see a roof above our head and a smile on our parent’s, excitement amongst the kids, and love throughout the family.

A positive environment does take us to the road that leads to success. A beautiful house plays an amazing role in keeping a positive environment.

Therefore, presenting you with the top 30 excellent home decor tips and tricks for small houses.

1. Wall Niches Can Be Your Thing.

In a house which has space constraints, constructing a niche in the wall is considered as the best option for space-saving

Finding an appropriate pocket in your desired location is necessary, preferably near the entrance of the house or the bedroom.

It can be thought by consulting a trusted civil vendor. Length and height depend totally as per your requirement and the space available. Depth of the niche might be a task, 30cms is considered as a minimum required size

Niches do not deliberately concentrate on shoe racks, with the consultation of a civil person you can find out pockets in your houses where you can have niches for various needs. For example, a niche for shaving kits, kitchen spices, or even it can be for design purposes.

You can visit these links for some ideas

2. Playing With Space

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels

Designing is done depending upon the requirements and the needs but if I tell you that this single home decor tip can help you get your eyebrows raised.

We tend to use fixed furniture in your houses, what if you can have shiftable or movable or lighter furniture like the center tables, the flower vase, the lamp or a puffy or the chair

In a small space, trying and testing the furniture is something you might want to do. Maybe if you think of shifting a specific single sofa chair to some distance, it might help you understand the ergonomics.

If you still prefer fixed furniture, then you might lower your thoughts to what is there and live with it.

Simple home decor tips and tricks for fixed furniture:-

  • Leave some gap between the fixed furniture and the walls, preferably a walkable gap. This creates a visual impact of a huge space.

3. Make All Cool Colours Your Best Friend

Image by Ferenc Keresi from Pixabay
Source – Google | Image by https://livingroomdecor.netlify.app

There is no rocket science in what are cool colors. Cool/cold colors are blue, green, purple, and its variations.

There is no necessary thumb rule of having cool colors in small houses only, it depends on your tastes and desires, but cool colors have a quality of being soothing to eyes.

Colors that make you think positively should be a priority because subconsciously it plays a huge role in controlling your inner thoughts and contemplating your mind to think positively. Want to know the basics of colors? Click here

It also does help a small area look wide, full of depth. Following is the link of all the cool colors that you might want to use:-


4. Be Confident And Go Wild

Source – Google | Image by Decorating Den

Concerning my second and the third point, those are extensively used home decor tips and tricks for small homes but it is not necessary to go extremely simple like a white box or a blue box and if you have good ideas and if you think you can pull it off like a pro, you can go ahead with some bold colors and some color blends as well.

5. Curtain Hacks?

Curtains play a big role in a small apartment. Curtains can be chosen as per tastes but the thing which needs to be considered is that small spaces call for simple curtains with a not too jazzy theme. It is best kept simple and neutral. It looks mature, royal, and rich.

Bonus tips you might want to know.

  1. Get a full wall curtain, it marks its way showing the exceptional height of the interior space
  2. If you like patterns, patterns are appreciated but if you consider curtains that are vertically showing patterns or shapes, you should always go ahead with that, it adds visual height to space.
  3. Roller blind is also a great option, if the windows are small, you can go ahead with cotton blinds. It also creates a great impact visually.

6. Get The Greens In

Photo by Mike Marquez on Unsplash

Indoor plants play an important role in blessing up your place with positivity. Amonsgt the above given points, plant and plant species come under universally followed home decor tips and tricks

Plants can set up places with all the smiles and all the happiness. Many plant species hardly take any space in the indoors.

You can go ahead with hanging plants or place them on your window, which will do their part. There are many plant species available that are suitable for interior spaces i.e. they need less sunlight or need less water or don’t need at all. The guide to the indoor plants. (Click Here)

Source – Google | Photo by ariyonainterior

If you are blessed with a balcony, I would recommend you to make that as the green hub or the green zone, like a poised corner.

I won’t recommend artificial plants as they need maintenance and cleaning regularly and sometimes it is difficult to do that as well.

7. Mirrors Are Everything You Need

Source : Google | Photo by Camilla Bellini

An important home decor tip includes mirrors, it can add more life to your house by giving you an illusion of more space. It is a great source of light reflection and can even become a big part of the home decor.

If you have less natural light coming inside the house then, mirrors can do the part by reflecting and adding up the volume.

3 best home decor tips and tricks to get a mirror on your wall:

  1. Full height mirrors can add up to 80% of the space.
  2. Creating a hallway or gallery of mirrors of different shapes can add value to your decor.
  3. Mirror on the bedroom wardrobe sliding door can add visual space, though it requires some cleaning. 

8. Sunlight Does Play An Important Part.

This is the only point amongst these 30 points that is the most important point. The source of natural sunlight is always underrated or never considered as an important part of interior space. Getting natural light into your space can add positivity and zeal to your mind. It even adds visual density to your space.

9. Artificial Lighting Can Be A Benefit.

Photo by Fábio Hanashiro on Unsplash

Artificial lights should always be designed and placed as per the mood you want. Dim lights are a great help when you want to rest.

Bright lights should be a necessity but should be used only if it’s necessary. For example, if you have a corporate party or guests coming over. Yellow/ Golden light comes into play in these situations.

For normal day to day chores the accurate lighting fixture that is required is recessed or downlights placed as per appropriate out up and lux level.

10. Wind Cross Ventilation Amongst The House Is Important.

Source : Google | Photo by indiansustainability

This point is less of a home decor tip and more of a home happy living hack. As natural sunlight is important similarly winds are also important to flow inside your interior space.

Cross ventilation is nothing but a wind force from one window to another. It is a natural cooling process that requires cool air to come in and warm winds to exit.

We can achieve that by letting air in from the side where you feel cool air presence through a window and letting out warm air from the other side of the window.

Source : Google | Photo – bysouthernathena

Cool winds are always flowing in the lower half of the interior space and warm winds are always in the upper half, so having an opening or an exhaust in the upper half is preferable, generally on a 7 feet height to get rid of the warm air.

11. You Need Marble Textured Vitrified Tiles.

Image by THAM YUAN YUAN from Pixabay

Out of all the home decor tips and tricks, this point is something very few people know that marble textured vitrified tiles are also available and it is very difficult to find the difference when laid.  Vitrified tiles are extremely low cost and economic.

Marble floorings are one of the most expensive floorings and getting its replacement in such a great budget-friendly way is something you can go ahead when you renovate your space.

12. Its Okay To Avoid False Ceilings.

Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

Having a false ceiling is considered as a necessity, but an interior space can look much better without a false ceiling than with it. The false ceiling does act as a decor value, but the money can be spent on false ceilings only if you genuinely desire to have one.

13. Do You Require A Chandelier Or A Side Table?

Photo by Random Sky on Unsplash

Chandelier looks acceptable only if you have a good ceiling height. If its a height constrain, you can invest in some good furniture, rather than a chandelier.

Side tables in a living room might be a good decor element but it can be avoided if you think it has no use.

14. Photo frames on the wall.

Source – Google, Pinterest | Photo by – Casa Vogue

Photo frames on the walls can extremely look good or a complete blunder. There are many ways and techniques on how you can hang the paintings. The following are the 3 best home decor tips :

  1. The main painting and a couple of paintings to support that thought.
  2. A cluster of photo frames, evenly scattered.
  3. One or two simple photo frames to support the decor.

15. Center Table Cum Dining Table Cum Study Table Are Going To Be Trending.

This is a center table which can be converted to a standalone study table/dining table, this multifunctional furniture is something which is going to be trending and it will trend for a good amount of years.

2020-2030 will be a decade of multi-tasking and multi-taskers. This becomes a great option for offices appreciating work from home.

16. Bean Bags Are Out-Dated.

Bean bags were a thing in the last two decades and are always recommended in a children’s bedroom who loves gaming.

Bean bags are associated with the young generation and can also be used in any cozy corner or a reading corner as well. It is an accessory which is only used if you are comfortable.

Bean bags sometimes do not fit in small houses. It needs a huge corner or a room to make its space.

17. Contemporary Designs Are Going To Be The Future.

Photo by Damir Kopezhanov on Unsplash

Contemporary design is a modern design style with neural and subtle color schemes. It consists of simple shapes and clean lines. These styles are very mature and look very up to the mark. Color themes followed mostly are achromatic and it’s supported by few cozy colors. 

Out of all the home decor tips and tricks for small homes, this is the most creative point, as this design theme is the future, we can definitely invest in these designs

18. Choosing A Rug Or A Carpet Can Be A Task.

Photo by Francesca Tosolini on Unsplash

Rugs are a great choice for good home decor, but it is recommended only if you are ready to spend some few more bucks on rugs and carpet.

Cheap rugs and carpets are good, but their quality and durability cannot be guaranteed. If you spend a little more time and research on different brands and companies with the rates, you can find a good rug.

19. The Concept Of Accent Wall.

Source – Google, Pinterest | Photo by – Project Nursery

An accent wall is a wall that is designed differently compared to the different walls of the room. An accent wall is highlighted more creatively and skillfully.

The wall compliments the home decor but is unique in its way. These designs are done to add life to the area and create curiosity in your mind.

20. Basics of Proper Bathroom Planning.

Source – Google | Photo by – AR Details

Bathroom planning is easy but however, its plumbing is not. You can go ahead with the construction of your bathroom only after consulting a plumbing consultant or a plumber.

The basic planning of a bathroom is separating dry area with the wet area. A dry area consists of a washbasin, a WC. However, the wet area consists of a bathing area i.e. shower zone.

Dry and wet areas can be separated visually or by providing a glass panel in between. This will not let water from the shower area to spread throughout the bathroom.

Making the bathroom look clean all the time as the most used bathroom element is the washbasin and WC, and it should be dry all the time.

21. If You Don’t Follow The Kitchen Triangle, You Are Not Doing It Right.

Source – Google | Photo by – Fabuwood

The kitchen triangle is a rotational flow of the sink, refrigerator, and stove in the shape of a triangle. However, each line should not be more than 8-9feet and not less than 4feet.

It is done for an easy and perfect workflow.

22. While Planning The House, One Should Not Forget The Storage For Mops.

Source – Google | Photo by – Design Cafe

We often get involved in designing and planning of the interior space to a great extent, that we always neglect the storage for cleaning equipment like mops and brooms.

To store these, we often find a place in the kitchen or the bathroom.

23. Highlighting A Wall With The Wallpaper.

Source – Google | Photo by – HGTV

Wallpapers can make an easy simple looking house full of design elements and more appealing, there are multiple wallpapers and their different materials.

The basic guide to it would be using a unique pattern of bold color on just one wall. It is done to add visual value to an interior space.

24. Storage a problem? Select Beds With Inbuilt Storage.

Source – Google, Pinterest | Photo by – choice furniture superstore

Beds can be very useful in terms of storage. Storages beneath the beds can be very useful in comparison to other storages in the house.

Nowadays, the hydraulics are so easy to use, it can open the bed top with just a slight pull and it is extremely budget-friendly.

25. Sofa Cum Beds Are Always Evergreen.

Source – Google | Photo by – BuyFree

In small homes, the big problem is space constraints. However, sofa-cum-bed is still trending and it has been a great choice of selection in small houses for two decades now and it is cost-effective plus budget-friendly.

This simple home decor tip and trick for small homes were always there in the past and will be there in the future.

The hydraulics now has become very easy and doesn’t require your 100% strength.

26. Convertable Furniture Are A Boom To Interior Industry.

Source – Google | Photo by – Resource Furniture

The unique furniture like the convertible beds that convert to a home office table or a wardrobe to a bed or a sofa to a verticle wall elements.

All these discoveries have helped make human life simple and extremely valuable. These furnitures are space-saving techniques and very budget-friendly.

27. Standard Sizes Of The Bed.

Source – Google | Photo by – Cool Guide

28. TV sizes and Its Distance Guide.

People usually have this impression, the more size of the TV, the richer the person is, which is extremely wrong. TV sizes are always achieved as per the distance between the sofa and the TV or the distance between the bed’s headboard and the TV.

A large TV size with less distance causes strain in the eyes, which is not recommended.

Source – Google, Pinterest | Photo by – pinimg

29. Sliding Wardrobe Is Your Thing.

Source – Google | Photo by – Indiamart

Openable wardrobes take more space in a small room. It gathers major space in the room. To avoid that, you should opt for sliding wardrobes, they are space-saving and extremely durable.

Sliding wardrobes is one of the widely followed and the most efficient home decor tip and trick for small homes.

30. (BONUS POINT) Keep Your Basics Of Anthropometry And Ergonomics Right.

Source – Google | Photo by – Happho
Source – Google | Photo by – Happho
Source – Google | Photo by – Happho
Source – Google | Photo by – Happho

Anthropometry is the very basic level of understanding the science of space. It consists of the basic sizes required by a human body to do tasks. For eg the standard sizes of chairs and sofa.

Ergonomics is selecting or choosing furniture that suits a human body and doesn’t harm the body in some way. They are an in-depth term which comes under anthropometry. These are usually related to sitting postures


These 30 simple home decor tips and tricks for small houses are the basics designs that have to be followed. These tips will make your home look more valuable, appealing, and will make you stand out. These points are written in-depth and self-explanatory.

These home decor tips will let your home function in a much better way. The space-saving ideas written above are the most followed points and can help you get free and more walkable space in your house.

Out of all the 30 points, the following points are the most important ones:-

3, 7, 8, 17, 19, 26, 30.

What are your favorite points?

You can contact us for free consultation, advice, and queries. The World Of Designs would be very happy to help you.