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Measures To Be Taken Post COVID – Office Designs In This Corona World.

COVID-19 aka coronavirus is the worst event we could ever face in our entire life, although, COVID-19 has made everyone sit at home, it has made us see the world-changing exceptionally. Office designs have taken a 180 degree U-turn in 2020

Many industries have hit a big rock bottom and some have boomed to another level. However, some people lost their jobs and some made their industries multiply.

In conclusion, coronavirus is a disease we have to live with. This pandemic has however shown us new ways and methods to live our life, under which our topic comes – office designs in this corona world.

Office Designs In This Corona World.

The following are the office design measures that can be taken post-COVID-19.

1. Workstation Bubbles

Workstation Bubbles

As the Indian Prime Minister said “Do Ghaj Ki Doori Zaroori Hai” which literally means keeping a distance of 6 feet between two people while talking.

However, as per today’s scenario, it is evident that it is very difficult to find out the exact time, place, and moment of getting in contact with a person who has come in contact with someone who is covid positive, it is our own sole responsibility to be safe and secured.

Workstation bubbles are a concept which can be aggressively used in an office, whereas, it is a practice every employee needs to follow.

The workstation bubble is a circular diameter, which is set at the center of the employee’s chair. In the Office designs is an abstract way to calculate the average distance between one chair and the other.

It is measured and concluded whether the distance as told by the government is followed or not. However, the diameter can be of three options as mentioned below.

These diameters can be followed as per the company norms and approvals.

  1. 1200mm dia
  2. 1500mm dia
  3. 1800mm dia

2. Circulation Dissections

Circulation Dissections

A clear meaning of circulation dissection in the office designs is the division of the circulation. The post covid world has many hidden surprises in terms of design. A designer will have to be very much inclined towards this point.

A specific entry passage will have to be achieved and different exit passages will have to be apprehended. This point is one of the most difficult points one can address. The basic mood of this point is to avoid major contact of employees coming face to face while walking or crossing paths.

3. Planning Your Move

Planning Your Move
Photo by Antenna on Unsplash

This point is completely avoidable, but it still can be considered as an important aspect. Planning your move is simply a mindset of avoiding high gatherings in the office.

It is better to stay safe than sorry.

4. Sanitization In The New World

Sanitization In The New World
Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash

Offices with staff density of more than 200 employees have the possibility of caring the virus, as 200 people, coming from 200 different locations, taking 200 different mediums to travel.

Companies can install a sanitization tunnel right in the reception to make sure that the employees are safe.

5. Workstation And Its Partitions

Workstation And Its Partitions
Source – Google | Design by – Kltz Designs

Workstations can come with side and front panels/partitions. This will appreciate people to concentrate and not let the employees divert their focus.

Secondly, this kind of isolation can avoid virus to spread.

Thus, making sure that if the employee is infected, it shouldn’t infect more employees via speaking.

6. Self -Isolation Zones 

Self -Isolation Zones
Photo by Alesia Kazantceva on Unsplash

This is a new concept in the office designs ‘Self-isolation zones’ can be a blend of a work booth and a phone booth. A person can use that area as a place to work only if he/she feels like isolating themselves in case they are subjected to symptoms like cough or cold.

This area will have to be treated as highly hygienic and cleaning should take place every hour. Whereas cleaning staff should access this area with a peculiar PPE kit.

7. Open Office Concept

Open Office Concept
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

No one likes to sit in a small work cabin, were – 5-9 people work continuously, now considering the seriousness of the pandemic, we can’t afford to have the small work cabins.

The open office design concept will have to explore where everybody comes under one roof, without partitions.

8. Community Tables For Group Meetings

Community Tables For Group Meetings
Photo by LYCS Architecture on Unsplash

Community tables are office tables used for collaboration. Employees working on the same project and require discussions can sit on one table and discuss, instead of sitting in the closed meeting room.

Community tables help to collaborate and at the same time maintains social distance, and it is planned always in the open office area.

Community tables are gaining much popularity lately in the office designs

9. No Carpets Only Tiles

No Carpets Only Tiles
Photo by Adolfo Félix on Unsplash

This pandemic has made us see the world differently. This has also resulted in us to think differently. The only soul reason for this point being here is, it holds dust.

Carpets require a high level of Maintainance, it is also sensitive and allergic. Tiles get washed easily and require no other maintenance.

10. Unprecedented Rules To Coronaproof the Office

1. Hand Sanitizing Is Compulsory

Hand Sanitizing Is Compulsory
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

2001 made metal detectors compulsory at the entrances and 2020 made sanitizers compulsory at the entrances.

Hand sanitizing is a compulsion in an office, this ensures the person is clean before entering.

Basic measures a company can take is by installing hand sanitizers at regular intervals inside the office. Reception being a compulsion.

2. Thermal Screening If Possible

Thermal Screening If Possible
Photo by kian zhang on Unsplash

An employee has to self-understand that if he is not well, he should not step out of his house. Nobody knows what type of issues might arise later.

If in case the company wants to be double sure, they can hire a person to scan their body temperature via thermal guns, for this companies can have a checking booth of approximately 1.5m x 1.5m.

3. Hygiene is the key

Hygiene is the key
Photo by XPS on Unsplash

The primary concern a company should cater to is the proper disposal of used gloves and masks. Companies and authorities should make sure waste bins are placed at regular distances.

Companies to make sure that cleaning of the used space is done after every 2-4 hrs and their computers, keyboards and mouse are cleaned regularly. An idol place should be cleaned at least once in 24hrs

The more clean interior is, the safer your employees will feel.

4. Video Calls Are A Necessity

Video Calls Are A Necessity
Photo by Gabriel Benois on Unsplash

It goes out without saying that virtual calls are much worthy than one on one discussions.

It should become one of the company policies that as and when it is required to conduct a meeting, it should be mutually understood between both the parties to conduct a video call, even if both of the individuals are in the same city.

Companies and authorities can design a video call corner, which consists of noise proof environment and an excellent accent wall or company branding behind your back.

5. Lesser Employees In The Office

Why can’t we have odd-even systems running in the office culture? In the offices that have multiple teams. Each team can follow the odd-even rule of coming to the offices.

For example, there are 4 teams in the office, 2 teams can visit the office on alternate / odd-even basis and others can work from home on that day.

This will let the employees be much safer.

6. Carrying Our Lunch Boxes

2020 – 2021 will be in great confusion, whether we should do a specific task or no. Food is the best example of this. We have no idea whether the food available in the canteen is safe or hygienic.

It would be better if we ourself carry our tiffins and lunch boxes.

7. Social Distancing Points

Admin and HR should take up an initiative to practice social distancing with and amongst the employees.

Employees can be given social distancing points which might help them in the future when they redeem.

12. BONUS TIP – Work From Home Tools That Can Help The Teams Collaborate

  1. Webex Calls – Lets you allow video calls, screen shares, edit on the screens and webinars
  2. Miro – Lets you create targets, assignments, ideas, and helps you in research and development.
  3. Trello – Lets you discuss files, make tasks, and help team collaborate.
  4. We transfer – Lets you share huge files in a link format. The free version can send up to 2GB
  5. Whatsapp Web – You can use your WhatsApp through your laptop / PC.
  6. Bounceapp – Lets you capture full-length screenshots of webpages.
  7. Typewrite – Work on the same document with multiple people.


Companies that are the worst hit are companies who need an office to work, their systems do not appreciate work from home.

These 15 amazing measures will be handy for their office designs in this corona world.

Tell me, what are the points you find very important in this article?

If you have any queries or you feel like asking me for some advice, you can contact me. I would be very happy to help you with my FREE consultation.


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