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Decoding Interior Design Trends From 2000 To 2020

In this era, where every new interior designer is setting up his / her own high standards by introducing new trends every single day. I’ve been working on a case study that decodes interior design trends from the 2000s to the 2020s.

But the truth is, most trends are associated with previous decades and everything comes back around again and again.

Considering the level of competition in the market, this case study will update you with possible future trends.

So that it becomes easy for all of us to predict the future of interior design

 The following is just the part of that case study, where I’ve listed down interior design trends from the 2000s, 2010s to 2020s.

Let’s remember some of the biggest trends of the previous years, and then look ahead to what we can expect with this decade.

Trends From the 2000s

1. Oversized Wall Units In Living Room

Source : Google | Photo By – Zak Furniture

We all had a bulky looking wall unit in our houses with thousands of storage and different display units.

Some units acted as a book shelf, some had the purpose of award storages. Center of the wall units were dedicated to our bulky TV.

Extremely nostalgic.

2. Wood Wood Wood

Source : Google | Image source: kkhome

How can we forget our wooden based houses of 2000s, where ‘Sunmica'(Laminates) were our best design choice ever.

Don’t forget the golden lights, which actually reminded us of our childhood. Any get together in the house and all the golden lights used to get switched on.

3. Patterned Curtains And Fabrics

Source : Google | Image source: Zingy Homes

Patterned fabrics were a part of our décor since the 1960s as, it used to signify Indian culture and slowly it became a great part of all Indian homes.

Patterns are still followed but the concept of patterned fabrics have mutated and now it always gives out a subtle feel.

4. Vinyl Carpet Through Out The Flooring

Source : Google | Image source: Decor Expro

Vinyl Carpets were the cheapest concept available then. No tension of installation of tiles, no maintenance, no hassle, variety of designs with different price range.

An idle flooring option of the 2000s.

Vinyl floorings have again come back to our trend list, but this time in a plank form, making it simple to transport.

5. Vintage Furnitures

Source : Google | Image Source : Vivian Exports

Furniture’s of the 2000s will now obviously be called as vintage, as the amount of wood furniture’s that era had, now we only use 20%.

Trends From the 2010s

1. Overly Done False Ceiling

Source: Google | Image Source : Kamath Interiors
Source: Google | Image Source : India Mart

Gone are the days when we had such bulky ceilings in the house with random designs heights and colors.

These designs will definitely have a comeback in 2020s

2. Everywhere Wallpaper

Source: Google | Image Source : Unik Needs

Wallpaper have two main advantages, which made us inclined towards all walls with wallpaper.

  1. No maintenance at all.
  2. En-number of design options with textures available.

3. Random Wall Graphics

Source: Google | Image Source : Trade India
Source: Google | Image Source:

More rich the person, the more unique graphic his living room wall had.

In a way it was to show lavish lifestyle of a family.

4. Usage of Bright Colors More -Such as purple, Yellow, Pink, and Red

Source: Google | Image Source : India Mart

I’m happy for this fact that this design is no longer practiced.

5. Jula For The Oldies 

Source : Google | Image source: Nove Home

Jula is one of the key point which signifies Indian culture since its inception.

Over time Jula became a significant of elderly people, who love their morning tea with a little bit of swing

Trends Of the 2020s

1 . Sustainable Furniture

Source: Google | Image source: Festoon Lighting

Using of natural materials such as stone, marbles, wood etc has created a great stir in the interior design market.

Sustainable furnitures are not just a design concept, it has now concverted to way of living.

The amount of which clients are leaning towards sustainable interiors, very soon we will see this style every other house.

2 . Smart Homes

Source: Google | Image source: Radware

2020s is the era of smart homes, the power to run your house is now inside your cell phones.

3 . Neutral Colors

Source: Google | Image source: Elle Decor

Colors that’re soothing to eyes are the future. One of the best interior design trends of 2021.

4 . Wallpaper Only As Accents

Source: Google | Image source: Home Flair Decor

Gone are the days when we had wallpapers all around the walls. Wallpapers are now merely used as an accent wall in other words, wallpapers are used as a focal point.

5 . Unique Rugs

Source: Google | Image source: Wescover

Rugs are now one the main elements of an interior space.

It is often seen that rugs have the ability to enhance a room by 50%.

Choosing rugs wisely can upgrade your interior design skill.


Interior Design trends of 2000s and 2010s have to say a lot about todays trends. We’ve been repeating the history all over again since many years now.

The trends that we avoid saying ‘outdated’, somehow come back in trend and then become a great focal point of our interiors.

Hope this article helps.